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HX3000-1100G The fastest 3000mm width fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paper core production line for paper packaging manufacturing in factory


1. Three years of research and development and 20,000 hours of production evaluation in their own factory to achieve the stable and reliable quality performance.

2. With the latest technology and production process, it is the most advanced honeycomb equipment with the highest production capacity and the lowest loss in the world. The maximum cutting speed can reach 700 cuts/min.

3. Fully computerized control. Improve equipment control details high automation, more convenient operation.

4. It’s dust-free, tasteless, pollution-free, and complies with international environmental protection requirements.

Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:MEIXUN
Model Number:HX3000-1100G
Certification:CE  IS9000
Machine ModelHX-3000-1100G
Core Paper Effective Width1700mm-3000mm
Side Length Of HoneycombCan be customized according to customer needs
Transverse Cutting Speed1100 times /min(thickness 6mm, paper core weight 90-120g)
Core Paper Thickness5-60mm
Heating MethodSteam heating
Equipment PowerAbout 50KW
Overall Dimensions35300mm long x6000mm wide x3800mm high
Equipment Weight82T

1. 8 rolls of paper at the same time

2. Core paper preheat

3. Core paper Gummed thread

4. Core paperComposite drying

5. Crosscutting machine 6. Automatic collection of paper core

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