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HF2400-100G The fastest 2400mm width fully automatic high -speed honeycomb paperboard laminating production line for paper packaging manufacturing in factory


The maximum production speed is up to 100m/ min, the whole line has a high degree of automation, low loss of base paper, and high flatness of paperboard; He has more than ten patents.

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Meixun machinery
Model Number:HF2400-100G
Certification:CE   ISO9001
Machine ModelHF-2400-100G
Core Paper Effective Width1500mm-2400mm
Thickness of end product5-15mm
Length of end product800mm-3600mm
Production speed100m/min
Heating methodSteam heating, hot plate
Equipment power230KW (including cadres)
Overall dimensions86500mm long x6500mm wide x5100mm high
Equipment weightAbout 187T (including cadres)

1. Roll the following paper (with automatic paper feeder)

2.Paper core open

3. Paper core drying

4. Glue the core paper

5.Preheat the lower paper

6. Press the lower ironing board to dry transport

7. Roll the upper paper (with automatic paper feeder)

8. Glue the core paper

9. Preheat the top paper

10. Press the upper iron plate, dry and transport

11. Cardboard cooling

12. Cardboard longitudinal cutting (line pressing)

13. Cardboard cutting

14. Cardboard conveying

15. Cardboard stacking (can be connected to the whole plant logistics)

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