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Warmly celebrate Qidong Meishun Machinery won the "China Packaging Federation Paper products Packaging Committee standing member unit"

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In 2018, our company officially joined the standing member unit of the paper products Packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation.

The paper Products Packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation is a paper products packaging industry organization composed of paper products packaging production enterprises, scientific research units, equipment manufacturing enterprises, raw and auxiliary materials supporting enterprises, engineering and technical personnel and management cadres, and is also a mass economic and technical and academic group.

For Meisun, the association provides industry value information and ideas to member enterprises to achieve common growth of both sides. At the same time, the association will organize domestic packaging paper products enterprises every year, visit the advanced technology of top enterprises in Japan, the United States and other industries, promote the progress and development of the domestic paper products industry, and play a positive role in capturing industry trends for us.


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