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"Golden Tiger Blessing" Mei Xun machinery wishes you a happy Year of the Tiger!

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Meixun Machinery 2022

Great Luck in the Year of the Tiger

On New Year's Eve, setting off firecrackers makes every household lively; Dance dragon lanterns, step on stilts, and have a happy family step by step! As the first day of the Chinese New Year approaches, everyone is happy and laughing together. Wishing you a good Spring Festival in advance and wishing me the earliest in the Year of the Tiger!

Here, Meixun Machinery wishes everyone a happy New Year, a happy family, and unstoppable power!

Happy New Year

Golden Tiger Gives Blessings, Open the Door with Great Redness, Have Many Tickets, Have Many Blessings!

Congratulations to Facai for visiting more, everyone has broken the zero and opened a good account!

Inspire yourself, meet challenges, create the future, and achieve new results!

Be a tiger with wings added

Thank you to all colleagues and distinguished guests

Thank you for walking together in 2021

Waiting for Lingdong to leave

In 2022, we can meet soon.


In 2022, Meishun Machinery Co., Ltd. starts work!

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