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Meixun Machinery, Leading Brand in Honeycomb Paperboard Production Lines, Shines at Turkey's Paper Eurasia Exhibition, Attracting Industry Attention

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Meixun Machinery, Leading Brand in Honeycomb Paperboard Production Lines, Shines at Turkey's Paper Eurasia Exhibition, Attracting Industry Attention

 Meixun Machinery, a leading brand in honeycomb paperboard production lines, recently showcased its innovative thin honeycomb paper carton technology at Turkey's Paper Eurasia exhibition. This appearance attracted a large number of companies from the paper packaging industry to learn about Meixun Machinery's advanced technology and earned high praise from Turkey's leading paper and cardboard enterprises.


Showcasing Innovative Packaging Solutions

At the Paper Eurasia exhibition, Meixun Machinery displayed its latest thin honeycomb paper carton production line. Known for its exceptional speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, this production line can produce lightweight yet strong packaging materials. These materials not only reduce raw material usage and transportation costs but also provide excellent product protection.

Advantages of Thin Honeycomb Paper Cartons

Thin honeycomb paper cartons, as a new type of packaging material, offer several notable advantages:

1.Low paper usagesaves 30%of material compared to corrugated box

2.reduce the transportation costsThe same full load of one car, the mass is reduced by 30%, which will saves fuel and costs

3.High flat conpression  strength:The flat compression strength of honeycomb paperboard is about 20 times than corrugated cardboard.

4.high Warehouse utilization:Honeycomb paperboard can be stacked 6 meters high and the utilization rate of the workshop is 3 times that of corrugated cardboard.

5.Better moisture resistancenti:The inside of honeycomb paperboard is a hexagonal structure,  the inside is completely closed, and moisture are not easy to enter and exit freely

6.Carton forming is non-directional:The forming of honeycomb paperboard has no direction, vertical and transverse can be formed, and each side has strong bending resistance.

7. Easy adjustmentof cardboard thickness:The thickness adjustment of honeycomb paperboard is realized by PLC one-key adjustment of honeycomb paper core thickness, which is intelligent and efficient.

8.Base paper stocks have been significantly reduced:The raw paper material of honeycomb paperboard is 20cm change for each specification, corrugated base paper is 5cm each specification. It greatly reduce the demand for base paper inventory and the occupation of circulation funds.


Recognition from Leading Industry Enterprises

Meixun Machinery's display at the exhibition drew widespread attention from Turkey's paper packaging industry, attracting numerous industry companies such as KMK, KIPAS. Notably, Turkey's leading paper and cardboard enterprises highly praised Meixun Machinery's thin honeycomb paper carton technology. These companies acknowledged that Meixun Machinery's technology not only has environmental benefits but also significantly enhances production efficiency and product quality.


In-depth Exchange and Cooperation Opportunities

During the exhibition, Meixun Machinery's professional team engaged in in-depth exchanges with Turkish companies, providing detailed demonstrations and explaining the various applications and advantages of thin honeycomb paper carton technology. Through on-site demonstrations and technical explanations, visitors gained a more intuitive understanding of Meixun Machinery's products and expressed strong interest in cooperation.

Expanding Market Influence

The successful showcase at the Paper Eurasia exhibition further solidified Meixun Machinery's leadership position in the global honeycomb paperboard production line market. The company will continue to focus on technological innovation and market expansion, providing more customers with efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.


Looking Ahead

Meixun Machinery's global expansion strategy is steadily progressing, and the company will continue to showcase its innovative products at major international exhibitions in the future. By continuously improving technology and service levels, Meixun Machinery aims to become the preferred partner in the global packaging industry.

For more information about Meixun Machinery and its innovative packaging solutions, please visit [Meixun Machinery's website] or contact our sales team at +86 18601752486.

Meixun Machinery is a leading manufacturer of high-speed honeycomb paperboard production lines, specializing in innovative packaging solutions that combine efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Committed to technological advancement and customer satisfaction, Meixun Machinery is dedicated to driving progress in the global packaging industry.


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