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Mei Xun August performance management assessment

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Performance management was implemented in August 2018, and good results were received, which should be affirmed.

The following are photos of employees receiving awards

Miss Zhang announces the performance scores

From the score, we can see the problems existing in each colleague: either praise or criticism, but whether praise and criticism can improve your work efficiency, then you have to see! What is needed is self-reflection, self-improvement in the process of reflection, and progress will not become so far out of reach.

Since September, almost all colleagues in the company have received performance appraisal bonuses, which I think is a substantial breakthrough of our company. Colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to the company also have the opportunity to develop. Every drop of sweat you have paid for the company will be rewarded and thanked by the company.

The August performance reviews are over, and then there's September, October, November...... I hope that our excellent group will work together to create brilliance for tomorrow!


Let filial piety and respect for the elderly prevail

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