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Let filial piety and respect for the elderly prevail

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The Double Ninth Festival, the most important event, is, of course"The Double Ninth Festival respects the elderly". This is the fifth year that the company has honored the elderly every year. Mei Xun family people into the offshore nursing home comfort the elderly, in order to carry forward the Chinese nation's traditional virtues of respecting the old and loving the old, for the old people to bring cooking oil, rice, milk and other comfort goods. Use practical actions to interpret the traditional virtues of respecting the old and loving the young!

Old people have a secure life, but it is inevitable that some loneliness. Mei Xun family people accompany the old people to talk home, to sweep the yard, wipe the dust, ask the old People's Daily life and physical health, so that the old people in the nursing home feel the thick care and warmth.

The chairman and general manager said that the enterprise should also assume the corresponding responsibilities in the commercial operation, the company will create social value at the same time, actively fulfill social responsibilities, continue to carry out all kinds of love public welfare activities.




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