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Honeycomb carton has become a new type of packaging material!

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In 2018, for manufacturing enterprises, the rise in raw materials represented by paper products is still very influential."In April, the price of wrapping paper rose by 6% to 8% in March. Dongguan City paper products manufacturing industry association president Lin please said. Driven by leading enterprises, since the beginning of this year, the paper industry has set off a new round of price increases, which has had varying degrees of impact on the upstream and downstream industrial chain.

The price of packaging paper price letter hit again, corrugated paper, box board paper up 50-100 yuan/ton

From April 23 to April 24, a number of paper mills in Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and other provinces and cities announced price increases, with an increase of 50-100 yuan/ton. As in the past, the reason for the price increase announced by the paper mill is still a sharp rise in the price of waste paper raw materials, resulting in an increase in production costs.

However, according to the relevant data, since April, although the price of packaging paper has fluctuated many times, it still shows a trend of shock. According to the information revealed by various aspects such as paper mills, packaging mills and paper analysts, wrapping paper prices will show a price trend that is easy to rise and difficult to fall under the strong support of waste paper prices and the gradual return of market demand.

Many parties say that demand will improve in May, and paper prices still have room to rise

Some carton factory people pointed out that the increase is not large, a bit of a tentative rise. However, there are also corrugated paper dealers revealed that in some areas, the number of orders is considerable. All in all, the current market is in a sticky state, paper prices rise and fall, different regions, its specific performance is also different.

Why are paper prices so high?

The person in charge of an enterprise bluntly said that with the rapid improvement of environmental protection requirements in recent years, a number of small and medium-sized paper mills have shut down or integrated production, the paper mill operating rate is low, the inventory is reduced, the supply is decreased, and the paper price will naturally increase. Paper prices have risen, and raw material prices have gone all the way. It seems that this is the result of multiple factors such as raw material shortage, environmental protection requirements, and labor costs.

Other than following the trend of price increases, is there any other way to deal with it?

Many companies are already preparing. On the one hand, find carton alternatives and develop new materials for packaging; On the other hand, minimizing packaging costs has gradually become a major trend in recent years. Such as the United States, Haier, Hisense, SF and other major brands have gradually put into use honeycomb cartons, greatly reducing the cost of packaging, more in line with national environmental protection requirements.

Today's world has entered the era of high-tech and information technology. We should face reality, be realistic and pragmatic, and learn from others without repeating them. It is necessary to accelerate progress while seeking truth from facts. It is necessary to strengthen the self, but also to combine horizontally, and constantly improve the technical grade and overall level of honeycomb cardboard equipment and products, while constantly developing, building and improving the honeycomb cardboard market, to win the market with integrity, to strive for the market with quality, to obtain the market with service, to develop and expand the market. We believe that in the near future, honeycomb cardboard will have new development and new progress.


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