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Exploring the New Blue Ocean of Honeycomb Packaging Together, Sharing New Opportunities for Industry Development

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-- Interview with Ying Shufeng, Chairman of Qidong City Meixun Machinery Co., Ltd.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the global packaging industry and increasing consumer attention to environmentally friendly packaging, honeycomb paperboard/carton, as a lightweight and eco-friendly packaging material, has gradually gained favor and attention in the market. In China, the development of the honeycomb paperboard/carton industry has also shown a vigorous trend. Major enterprises have increased their investment, promoting the innovation of production technology and the improvement of product quality to adapt to the continuously changing market demand. Against this backdrop of opportunities and challenges, Qidong Meixun Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Meixun Machinery), with its outstanding technical strength and excellent market performance, has become a leader in the domestic honeycomb paperboard production line field.

As one of the earliest enterprises to enter the honeycomb paperboard/carton field in China, Meixun Machinery has not only achieved outstanding results in technology research and development and equipment manufacturing but also actively promoted the development and progress of the entire industry. Therefore, we are fortunate to have invited Mr. Ying Shufeng, Chairman of Qidong Meixun Machinery Co., Ltd., to share his views on the industry's development and Meixun Machinery's future development plans with us. In the interview, we will focus on the current situation and future trends of the honeycomb paperboard/carton industry, as well as the role and significance of Meixun Machinery in it. Mr. Ying Shufeng shared his unique insights into the development of the honeycomb paperboard industry and Meixun Machinery's strategies for facing new challenges and opportunities.

Meixun 3rd generation of high speed honeycomb paper core machine

▶Meixun 3rd generation of high speed honeycomb paper core machine

 "Carton World": Hello, Chairman Ying! Thank you for accepting the interview with "Carton World" magazine! Could you briefly share with our readers the development history of Qidong Meixun Machinery Co., Ltd.?

Ying Shufeng: I first encountered honeycomb paperboard in 1998. At that time, Western countries prohibited the import of foam packaging to prevent white pollution. A person working in the Ministry of Information Industry saw the business opportunities in honeycomb paperboard and decided to start a business in this field. However, he was a chemistry major from Peking University and did not understand machinery. So he came to Wenzhou and found the company I was working for at the time to purchase equipment. At that time, the domestic automatic honeycomb production line was still blank, and semi-automatic and manual equipment were just beginning to emerge, so the production of this machine was not successful. Later, he was not satisfied and invited me to Beijing again to develop honeycomb paperboard production lines. Due to optimistic ideas at the time, the company's infrastructure was not well established, so in 2002, I returned to Wenzhou and founded Ruian Ying's Machinery, later renamed Qidong City Meixun Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mr. Ying Shufeng, Chairman of Mexun Machinery.

▶Mr. Ying Shufeng, Chairman of Mexun Machinery.

So why did we change our name to Meixun? Because Meixun is not only a homonym for machine but also expresses the hope of building a perfect team and responding quickly to the market. The reason for choosing Wenzhou to start a business is that Wenzhou has a relatively complete industrial supporting system and advantages in equipment manufacturing. Additionally, I am a native of Wenzhou, and I also had confidence in the honeycomb paperboard industry, which is a very environmentally friendly sunrise industry. Therefore, I decisively chose to start a business here.

However, at that time, the development of the honeycomb paperboard industry was not mature. The production speed of equipment was slow, product quality was unstable, market acceptance was low, and the entire industry faced great challenges. According to statistics, from 1998 to 2005, there were 39 honeycomb equipment manufacturers in China, but ultimately, 90% of the enterprises had to withdraw or go bankrupt. Such an industry environment was undoubtedly a double blow to a startup. From 2002 to 2004, although we successfully developed the first fully automatic honeycomb production line, we remained at zero sales. At the same time, the company, which originally had six shareholders, was left with only two.

It was not until 2005 that things finally changed when the company received an order from a customer in Chongqing. Seizing this opportunity, we also successfully opened up the entire Chongqing market, selling a total of 7 honeycomb paperboard production lines that year. In 2010, our Meixun successfully developed the second generation of fully automatic honeycomb paperboard production lines, with a market share of over 90% in thick honeycomb, and the equipment was successfully exported to multiple countries and regions. To further meet the market demand, in 2012, Qidong Meixun Factory started production.

    ▶Qidong City Meixun Machinery Co.,ltd

▶Qidong City Meixun Machinery Co.,ltd

To further expand the market and meet the industry's development, Meixun Machinery has focused on the development of thin honeycomb production equipment. In 2015, we successfully developed the first generation of thin honeycomb production lines, ushering in a new era of honeycomb packaging, and successfully subverting traditional corrugated packaging. After two years of development, our fully automatic thin honeycomb paperboard production line has successfully covered the entire country. Through continuous iteration and upgrading, we have successfully assisted customers in establishing benchmark enterprises in the thin honeycomb paperboard carton industry, with an output value exceeding 200 million yuan. Thin honeycomb has become a new blue ocean in the paper packaging industry and has been successfully promoted and applied in industries such as sanitary ware, electromechanical, groceries, and logistics. Currently, Meixun Machinery has successfully launched in the industry a fully automatic honeycomb paperboard production line with the world's largest width, ultra-high speed, excellent stability, and high automation degree, which has also attracted the favor of many honeycomb paperboard/carton enterprises.

    ▶Meixun 3rd generation of high speed honeycomb paper board laminating production line

▶Meixun 3rd generation of high speed honeycomb paper board laminating production line

"Carton World": Your company has always been committed to the promotion and application of environmentally friendly honeycomb paperboard, cartons, and paper cores. From the current perspective, what are the application scenarios and scope of honeycomb paperboard, cartons, and paper cores? How big is the market size?

Ying Shufeng: Nowadays, honeycomb paperboard/cartons are widely used in large home appliance enterprises such as Haier, Hisense, Midea, as well as logistics giants such as and SF Express, and even in the ceramic packaging industry. Honeycomb paperboard/cartons have now replaced some foam packaging, effectively reducing white pollution. In addition, they have also replaced some wooden pallet packaging, reducing deforestation and playing a positive role in environmental protection. In the future, honeycomb paperboard is expected to gradually replace some corrugated paperboard, further saving paper consumption and reducing papermaking pollution.

According to statistics, China's annual demand for corrugated paperboard is over 300 billion yuan. Currently, honeycomb paperboard technology can basically replace 50% of the corrugated market (market size is about 150 billion yuan), but the actual application is still less than 2%. Judging from the current growth rate of the thin honeycomb carton market, in the next five years, the thin honeycomb carton market will further expand. It is estimated that it will replace 20% of the corrugated carton market, presenting huge market opportunities.


"Carton World": As we all know, honeycomb paperboard is a new type of board made by adhering boxboard paper and single corrugated paper to both sides of a paper honeycomb, mimicking the structure of a honeycomb. Compared to corrugated paperboard, which is also an environmentally friendly material, what are the significant characteristics of honeycomb paperboard?

Ying Shufeng: As you said, honeycomb paperboard is made with a paper honeycomb as the base, mimicking the structure of a honeycomb, with boxboard paper and single corrugated paper adhered to both sides. Even a very thin material, as long as it is made into a honeycomb shape, can withstand a lot of pressure. Compared to corrugated paperboard, honeycomb paperboard has the following significant characteristics:

1.Lower paper usage. Honeycomb paperboard can save 30% of material compared to corrugated paperboard.

2.Reduced transportation costs. With the same load, honeycomb paperboard can reduce weight by 30% compared to corrugated paperboard, saving more fuel. The international logistics commonly use weight-based pricing, and lighter weight effectively saves logistics costs.

3.High flat crush strength. The flat crush strength of honeycomb paperboard is more than 20 times that of corrugated paperboard. For example, when applied to photovoltaics, chemical fiber cushion boards, etc., it can bring considerable economic value.

4.Improved workshop utilization. The good flat crush performance of honeycomb paperboard greatly improves the workshop's utilization rate for paperboard and carton production companies. The stacking height of corrugated paperboard in the workshop may be around 2 meters, but honeycomb paperboard can reach over 6 meters.

5.Good moisture-proof and heat-insulating performance. The interior of honeycomb paperboard is a hexagonal structure, completely sealed, which is different from the open structure of corrugated paperboard. Moisture and humidity are not easy to enter or exit freely, which to a certain extent solves the problem of collapsing boxes of corrugated paperboard in the rainy season.

6.Non-directional forming of cartons. The forming of honeycomb paperboard is non-directional, and boxes can be formed in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, with each face having strong bending resistance.

7.Convenient thickness adjustment of paperboard. The thickness adjustment of honeycomb paperboard is achieved by one-key adjustment of the honeycomb paper core thickness through PLC, which is intelligent and efficient; while the thickness adjustment of corrugated paperboard requires changing corrugated rollers or increasing the number of corrugated layers.

8.Greatly reduced inventory of corrugated paper. The specification change in the production process of corrugated paperboard is 5 cm, while the specification change of corrugated paper used in honeycomb paperboard production is 20 cm, reducing the corrugated paper specification by 3/4. At the same time, honeycomb paperboard saves 30%-50% of materials, greatly reducing the inventory of raw paper and to a certain extent reducing the occupation of working capital.

    ▶Advantage of honeycomb cardboard than corrugated board.

▶Advantage of honeycomb cardboard than corrugated board.

"Carton World": It is understood that your company, as one of the early developers of honeycomb paperboard and paper core production equipment in the industry, has always placed innovation and research and development in the forefront of enterprise development. What innovations does your company have in the field of honeycomb paperboard and paper core production lines? What are the innovative achievements? How can these achievements provide value to packaging customers?

Ying Shufeng: In 2023, through our hard innovation and technological research, we successfully developed the third generation of fully automatic thin honeycomb production line, achieving comprehensive optimization and upgrading in equipment width, production speed, and operability. The Meixun third-generation fully automatic thin honeycomb paper core production line has a width of 3 meters, a daily production capacity of 20 tons of 6mm paper core, and only requires 2 operators; the fully automatic thin honeycomb paperboard production line has a width of 2.4 meters, a production speed of up to 100 meters per minute, and can be operated by 6-7 people, greatly reducing labor costs and improving enterprise production efficiency. This production line firmly occupies the world's leading position in terms of width, speed, and intelligence. This year, we will also launch a series of new technologies and processes to assist honeycomb packaging companies in further breaking through application boundaries.

"Carton World": What is the current development trend of thin honeycomb paperboard products in China? In addition, how do you think China's thin honeycomb paperboard products can be developed faster?

Ying Shufeng: From the perspective of recent years, the development of thin honeycomb paperboard products in China is showing a steady growth trend. With the increasing demand for environmentally friendly, lightweight, and high-strength packaging materials, thin honeycomb paperboard, as an environmentally friendly and efficient packaging material, is being favored by more and more enterprises and consumers. Especially in industries such as electronics, furniture, and food, the application of thin honeycomb paperboard is becoming more and more widespread.

As for how to accelerate the development of China's thin honeycomb paperboard products, I think there are several key aspects that need to be focused on and efforts made:

Firstly, technological innovation and industrial upgrading. By continuously introducing advanced production technology and equipment, improving product quality and production efficiency, strengthening international integration, and promoting the industry towards high-end and intelligent development.

Secondly, strengthen industry-academia-research cooperation to promote technological innovation and talent cultivation. Governments, enterprises, and research institutions can strengthen cooperation to jointly carry out research and development and application of thin honeycomb paperboard products, cultivate professionals in related fields, and promote the coordinated development of the industry chain.

Furthermore, it is necessary to strengthen the market promotion and publicity of thin honeycomb paperboard products, enhance consumer awareness and acceptance. By organizing industry exhibitions, participating in international exchanges and cooperation, expanding market channels, enhancing brand competitiveness, and promoting the healthy development of China's thin honeycomb paperboard product industry.

Accelerating the development of China's thin honeycomb paperboard products requires efforts from all parties to promote the coordinated development of the industry chain, promote technological innovation and brand building, continuously expand market space, and achieve sustainable development of the industry.

    ▶China International Corrugated Exhibition 2023 in Shanghai

▶China International Corrugated Exhibition 2023 in Shanghai

"Carton World": It is understood that in addition to deepening the research and development of honeycomb paperboard paper cores and paperboard production line equipment, your company is also actively promoting the development of honeycomb paperboard. Currently, packaging companies are gradually expanding from the thick honeycomb field to the thin honeycomb field, which has become the focus of current market development. What is your opinion on the future development of thin honeycomb paperboard?

Ying Shufeng: Currently, with the continuous development of the packaging industry and the increasing demand from consumers for environmentally friendly and high-quality packaging materials, thin honeycomb paperboard, as a lightweight, environmentally friendly, and high-strength packaging material, is gradually becoming the focus and trend of the market. It will gradually begin to replace some corrugated paperboard, which can significantly save paper materials and reduce papermaking pollution, thereby overall catering to the country's strategy of green and sustainable development. "The honeycomb paperboard industry has both economic and social value, and it is also a very rewarding industry. I am proud to have been engaged in this valuable and meaningful environmental protection industry for many years. Currently, the corrugated paperboard industry is facing reshuffling, while honeycomb paperboard still has unlimited imagination. So, I am confident in the development prospects of thin honeycomb paperboard.

In the past, packaging companies mainly focused on the thick honeycomb field, but with the advancement of technology and changes in market demand, more and more companies are starting to expand into the thin honeycomb field. Thin honeycomb paperboard has the advantages of light weight, high strength, and impact resistance, making it particularly suitable for the packaging needs of industries such as electronics, furniture, and food.

In the future, I believe that thin honeycomb paperboard will become one of the mainstream products in the packaging industry. Currently, our thin honeycomb equipment can be as thin as 4mm, equivalent to the single corrugated products in the corrugated industry. With continuous technological innovation and improvement of production processes, the performance and quality of thin honeycomb paperboard will be further improved, meeting a wider range of application needs. At the same time, as consumers' attention to environmentally friendly packaging continues to increase, thin honeycomb paperboard, as a green and environmentally friendly material, will have a more stable market position.

We believe that with the continuous growth of market demand and technological progress, thin honeycomb paperboard will play an increasingly important role in the packaging industry. From the current situation, I have a premonition that the spring of honeycomb packaging is coming.

    ▶Meixun 3rd generation of high speed honeycomb paper core machine

▶Meixun 3rd generation of high speed honeycomb paper core machine

"Carton World": It is reported that Copper Lingxing Rui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has purchased nearly 20 Meixun honeycomb production lines, distributed in its major factories, with an expected annual output value of 800 million yuan. Could you please introduce to us the cooperation experience between your company and Copper Lingxing Rui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.? In addition, what are the well-known companies that are your company's cooperative customers?

Ying Shufeng: With the technological advancement of thin honeycomb equipment, the honeycomb packaging industry has witnessed gratifying development changes in recent years. Currently, a honeycomb packaging group with an annual output value of 800 million yuan has emerged. This group is the strategic partner who has been working with us, Meixun Machinery, for more than ten years, and is also the leading enterprise in the domestic honeycomb packaging industry—Xingrui Packaging.

In fact, I have known Mr. Ma Nailuo, the chairman of Xingrui Packaging, since 2006, and he purchased the first set of Meixun honeycomb production lines in 2007. As of now, Xingrui Packaging has nearly 20 Meixun Machinery honeycomb production lines in multiple production bases. In 2023, Xingrui Packaging established new companies in Foshan and Wuhan respectively to capture the growing market demand, and they chose Meixun brand for honeycomb equipment.

Our cooperation with Xingrui Packaging has exceeded the relationship between customers and suppliers and is more like true friends. In fact, as early as 2015, when I planned to make thin honeycomb equipment, many people were not optimistic. However, after discussing with Chairman Ma for half an hour, we reached a consensus. Now, nine years have passed, and what we both envisioned for thin honeycomb has become a reality. Xingrui Packaging's current annual output value has reached 800 million yuan, and its products have won multiple world packaging awards, achieving unprecedented achievements in the honeycomb packaging industry. At the same time, our Meixun Machinery's technical strength has also ranked first in the world, leading the market share and achieving continuous growth in operating income.

In addition to Xingrui Packaging, our customers also include Shanying Paper, Wuhu Hanlong, Foshan Heshenglong, and Tongwang Honeycomb Paper, among many other well-known companies. Moreover, our Meixun honeycomb equipment has been deployed throughout the country and exported to more than twenty countries including the United States, France, Mexico, Poland, and India, and has been recognized and supported by many well-known domestic enterprises.

    ▶ China honeycomb carton cooperative brand

▶ China honeycomb carton cooperative brand

"Carton World": Nowadays, Meixun Machinery has taken a leading position in the domestic honeycomb production line field. Faced with the future development of the industry, what are your plans for the future development of Meixun Machinery?

Ying Shufeng: In my opinion, the honeycomb packaging industry is a "very rewarding industry." In this rewarding industry, what Meixun Machinery needs to do is to adhere to it and let more people know and understand thin honeycomb packaging.

In the future, Meixun Machinery will continue to strengthen technological innovation and product development. As a leader in the domestic honeycomb production line field, we deeply understand the importance of technological innovation. We will continue to invest resources, strengthen technological research and development, and launch more competitive and market-demanding products. We will focus on the industry's development trends and customer needs, continuously improve existing products, develop new technical solutions, and ensure that we always stand at the forefront of the industry.

Furthermore, we will focus on service quality and customer satisfaction. Customers are the source and driving force of our development. We will always be customer-oriented and provide high-quality products and services. By establishing a sound after-sales service system, responding promptly to customer needs and feedback, and establishing long-term stable cooperative relationships with customers.

I firmly believe that the market potential of thin honeycomb packaging will be released in the near future, just like running a marathon, I believe we can reach the finish line. In addition, we also plan to make greater technological innovations and develop better honeycomb equipment to assist users in exploring blue oceans.

    ▶The marathon medals won by Mr. Ying.

▶The marathon medals won by Mr. Ying.


Through this in-depth exchange, we not only have a deeper understanding of the development trends of the honeycomb paperboard/carton industry, but also have a clearer understanding of the position and role of Meixun Machinery in the industry. Chairman Ying Shufeng elaborated on the strong strength and forward-looking vision of Meixun Machinery as a leading enterprise in the industry, as well as his confidence and expectations for the future development of the industry. We believe that Meixun Machinery will continue to play a leading role in the future, promote continuous innovation and progress in the industry, and let us look forward to a better future for the honeycomb paperboard/carton industry!

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Interview | Chairman of Meixun Machinery, Ying Shufeng: The Spring of honeycomb paperboard packaging is Coming!

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