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2022 "Live up to your time" Mexun Machinery Annual meeting was successfully held

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Look to the future, start again, take off 2022.

The New Year begins, go to the new journey together. Looking back on 2021, we continue to innovate and achieve fruitful results; Looking ahead to 2022, we are poised to forge ahead.

The New Year's bell is about to ring, this year we fight side by side, united to indestructible, only to meet the challenge. 2022 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Qidong Meishun Machinery Co., LTD. The theme of this annual meeting is "Work together to create high-quality products".

The opening of the annual meeting · General Manager should make a speech
Ying Haiquan, deputy general manager of Qidong Meishun Machinery Co., LTD., first delivered a New Year's message for 2022:

He expressed his gratitude to the hard working Meisun employees; We are pleased to have exceeded our target this year and won customer recognition for developing new products. Mr. Ying said that we should carry out cost reduction and efficiency in the end, we should achieve quality stability, improve their comprehensive efficiency, and hope that everyone will always be full of passion and bloom their own light!

Opening of the annual meeting · Chairman's speech

Ying Shufeng, chairman of Qidong Meishun Machinery Co., LTD., delivered a 2022 New Year's speech;

First of all, he thanked the employees of Meisun for their hard work, affirmed the results achieved in 2021, and determined the development goals for 2022: adhere to faith, continue to work hard, achieve value innovation, and control energy saving for the packaging industry. Occupy the mainstream market, maintain the world's leading.

Annual Meeting · Wonderful performance

The energetic opening dance of "Every Day Up" is presented by Ying Dong and Ying Zheng + Mexun Sky Group!

Ding of the Marketing Department and Bao Tiantian of the administration department joined hands to interpret the skit "Money and treasure" for everyone to bring laughter and laughter.

Dance the melody of youth, let's enjoy the Beauty girl group brought "Lovelorn front Alliance" this wonderful dance.

By the general manager awarded the excellent staff award, excellent service award, technical progress award, dedication award.

The excellent Department Award, the contribution award of "Reducing cost and increasing efficiency", the contribution award of "Quality Stability" and the Innovation Award were awarded by the Director.

Finally, the representative of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce took the stage and performed a classic Cantonese "love in life" to express the infinite expectations and blessings of Mexun Machinery.

20 years old Mei Xun vigorous, we will be based on their own, innovative tradition, dedication to the post, ahead of The Times. In 2022, we will embark on a new journey to meet the new glory of Mexun!


Qidong Meishun Machinery Co., Ltd. spring recruitment began!

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