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South China Printing and Packaging Exhibition, held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China.

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Meixun Machinery debuted its third-generation fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paperboard production line, attracting great attention.

Advantages of Honeycomb Cardboard Compared to Corrugated Cardboard:

A. Lower paper consumption
B. Higher flat crush strength
C. Non-directional box forming
D. Good moisture resistance
E. Convenient adjustment of cardboard thickness
F. Reduced raw paper inventory
G. Increased workshop utilization
H. Reduced transportation costs
Why did we choose the thin honeycomb project?
Thin honeycomb products have a low market entry threshold, excellent performance, and strong
substitutability. The post-processing technology of the thin honeycomb project is mature, eliminating the need for
labor-intensive tactics, enabling large-scale automated production.The market for the thin honeycomb
project is large enough, avoiding the emergence of vicious competition among peer companies.The
technology for thin honeycomb equipment is mature, achieving a qualitative leap in mass production
through automation.Thin honeycomb products demonstrate a clear cost advantage, offering substantial
profit margins and providing a rare opportunity for colleagues in the packaging industry


Im looking forward to meeting you at booth 12D49 in Drupa 2024 to discuss the technology and application of thin honeycomb cartons.

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