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Meixun Machinery Shines at Drupa: Leading the Trend in Thin Honeycomb Paperboard Packaging Technology

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Meixun Machinery Shines at Drupa: Leading the Trend in Thin Honeycomb Paperboard Packaging Technology

At this year's Drupa exhibition, Meixun Machinery proudly introduced its latest honeycomb paperboard production line. This revolutionary equipment not only attracted a large number of visitors but also received high praise from industry experts. As one of the most important exhibitions in the global printing and paper industry, Drupa provides a platform for major manufacturers to showcase their latest technologies and innovative products. Meixun Machinery's presence was undoubtedly one of the highlights of this event.


Innovative Technology Leading the Future

The fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paperboard production line showcased by Meixun Machinery features the latest technology, specifically designed for producing thin honeycomb paperboard. This equipment is not only fast and efficient but also significantly reduces production costs, providing customers with more competitive solutions.


Advantages of Thin Honeycomb Paperboard

Thin honeycomb paperboard is a new type of eco-friendly packaging material that is lightweight, strong, and cost-effective. Compared to traditional packaging materials, thin honeycomb paperboard can significantly reduce material usage and transportation costs while better protecting products and reducing damage risks. Therefore, it has broad application prospects in various fields such as electronics, furniture, and home appliances.

Professional Team and Quality Service


At the Drupa exhibition, Meixun Machinery not only displayed its latest equipment but also arranged a professional team for on-site demonstrations and explanations. Visitors experienced the operation process and technical advantages of the equipment firsthand. Meanwhile, Meixun Machinery's team engaged in in-depth exchanges with numerous potential customers, answering their questions and providing personalized solutions based on their specific needs.


Looking to the Future

meixun honeycomb

The successful appearance at the Drupa exhibition further solidified Meixun Machinery's leading position in the honeycomb paperboard production equipment field. In the future, Meixun Machinery will continue to focus on technological innovation, continuously improving equipment performance, and providing global customers with even higher quality products and services. We believe that in the near future, thin honeycomb paperboard will become the new favorite in the packaging industry, and Meixun Machinery will achieve even greater success in this field.

The Drupa exhibition has concluded successfully, but Meixun Machinery's journey of innovation never stops. We look forward to continuing to lead industry development in the days to come, bringing more surprises and value to our global customers.

This exhibition not only showcased Meixun Machinery's technical strength but also brought countless cooperation opportunities. We sincerely thank all visitors for their support and attention and look forward to creating a better tomorrow together in future collaborations.



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Im looking forward to meeting you at booth 12D49 in Drupa 2024 to discuss the technology and application of thin honeycomb cartons.

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