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China's corrugated packaging industry year-end market sharing meeting and industry annual celebration party

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On January 10th and 11th 2024, Meixun Machinery provided new business opportunities in Wuhan!


From January 10th to January 11th, the annual market sharing and industry celebration evening of the Chinese corrugated packaging industry took place grandly in Wuhan. Meixun Machinery made a significant appearance at this event, presenting the theme speech "Current Status and Future Development Trends of Thin Honeycomb Market," sharing the latest technological trends in the honeycomb packaging industry.


Compared to corrugatedpaperboard, honeycombpaperboard can save 30%-50% of raw material usage, with a compression strength over 20 times that of corrugatedpaperboard with the same material. Moreover, it has no directional formation, convenient thickness adjustment, and better moisture resistance. Currently, honeycomb packaging is widely used in industries such as white goods, kitchen appliances, automotive and motorcycle parts, daily necessities, groceries, electric vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and chemical fibers.


In recent years, due to the increasingly prominent advantages of honeycomb paperboard, honeycomb paper boxes made from honeycomb paperboard as raw material are gaining popularity among terminal consumer brands. The honeycomb packaging industry has thus experienced a more favorable development trend, with significant growth in technological levels, application areas, and market size.


In the coming years, the market size of honeycomb packaging will continue to expand, and the industry prospects will remain positive. On one hand, the current annual market demand for corrugated packaging is around 300 billion yuan, and honeycomb packaging, with existing technology, can replace 50% of the corrugated packaging market. However, the actual replacement rate is less than 2%, indicating enormous industry potential and abundant market opportunities.


On the other hand, thanks to Meixun Machinery's continuous research and development innovation, the production technology of honeycombpaperboard has rapidly advanced. Thin honeycombpaperboard with a thickness of only 5mm has emerged, driving honeycomb packaging towards more applications in various industries. At this grand event, Manager Chen Yanyan focused on sharing Meixun Machinery's latest research and development achievements, presenting automated and intelligent solutions for honeycombpaperboard production!


Among them, the HX3000-1100G fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paper core production line, developed over three years and tested for 20,000 hours of production, ensures stable performance and reliable quality. The main features of this equipment include a large width, high speed, and strong stability. With a maximum width of 3000mm and a maximum cutting speed of 1100 knives/min, it can produce 20 tons of 6mm thick paper core per day, equivalent to about 100,000 square meters ofpaperboard.


The HF2400-100G fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paperboard composite production line adopts the latest technology and production processes, with a maximum width of 2400mm, a maximum speed of 100m/min, and good stability. The daily production capacity is approximately 200,000 square meters of paper (6mm thick).

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Both products are fully computer-controlled, with highly automated regulation of details, making operation more convenient. They are also dust-free, odor-free, and pollution-free, meeting environmental requirements. These products represent the pinnacle of complete honeycomb production line manufacturing globally, providing sufficient production support for honeycombpaperboard production enterprises and delivering an exceptional production experience!


On January 10th and 11th, Meixun Machineryand packaging Industries gatheredat the Chinese corrugated packaging industry's year-end market sharing and industry celebration evening, exploring more technological trends, market orientations, and development directions in the honeycombpaperboard market. Together, they aim to seize greater market opportunities in this new industry blue ocean!


South China Printing and Packaging Exhibition, held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China.

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