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2019 China International Corrugated Festival & China International Color Box Festival

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Qidong Meishun Machinery Co., LTD., committed to promoting the development of the cellular industry, professional cellular equipment manufacturers,It will appear at the 2019 China International Corrugated Festival at Wuhan International Expo Center from August 28 to 30&China International Color Box Festival. The event is co-sponsored by the China Packaging Federation paper products Packaging Committee, Hubei Packaging Federation and Shanghai American Indian Culture Communication Co., LTD., the display area will reach more than 30,000 square meters, and will also be held at the same time the 10th anniversary of American Indian culture ceremony, industry summit, summit forum, technical training meeting, new product launch and other important activities, the scene of famous enterprises gathered, It is one of the most anticipated annual events in the domestic paper packaging industry this year.

Openthe "new era of efficient, innovative and energy-saving cellular packaging", leading the new revolution of cellular packaging!

Meixun Machinery from Zhejiang (former Ruian Ying machinery) factory after 18 years of development, is the earliest manufacturer of automatic honeycomb paperboard continuous production line enterprises, has a number of senior technical experts, professors, high workers composed of a strong technical development team, strong technical strength, In recent years, it has embarked on the fast track of development with the continuous accumulation of manufacturing experience and cutting-edge technological advantages:

In 2013, it became the only machinery factory to participate in (construction paper honeycomb composite wallboard standard), and developed the highest production speed of automatic honeycomb paperboard production line in China; Successfully enter the European and American markets;

2014 won the high-tech enterprise certification, research and development of hot board drying system, completely solve the problem of honeycomb cardboard high-speed production drying;

In 2015, thin honeycomb carton was successfully developed, which replaced corrugated carton in the field of white goods and successfully passed the verification;

In 2016, thin honeycomb carton successfully entered Haier, Midea, Hisense, TCL, Smith, Meiling and many other well-known home appliance enterprises;

In 2017, the high-speed thin honeycomb paperboard production line completed the strategic layout of more than a dozen key regions in the country; Successfully developed 2000mm ultra-wide high-speed honeycomb paperboard production line;

In 2018, the national promotion of thin honeycomb cartons was fully launched;

Assist customers to promote the application in 2019; Start research and development of a wider, faster, and highly automated new generation of production lines.

Cellular industry: Adding bricks to a green world

Under the development trend of economic globalization, with China's accession to the WTO, the volume of foreign trade has increased substantially, and enterprises are facing greater challenges while having more opportunities. Therefore, it is particularly important and necessary to closely integrate product packaging with the international market.

In recent years, the international call to protect the environment, care for the earth, save resources is getting higher and higher, overseas markets for foreign trade products packaging requirements are becoming more and more stringent, pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment, research and development, production, publicity, promotion and application"Green Packaging"Material is imminent, paper honeycomb products as the first choice of wood application materials, has obtained a unique opportunity for development.

In this respect, Qidong City Meixun Machinery Co., Ltd. has long been well versed in its way.As a member of China Packaging Federation, Meisun Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in research and development, manufacturing and sales of honeycomb paper core and honeycomb paperboard complete sets of production equipment, and is also the earliest manufacturer of automatic honeycomb paperboard continuous production line in China.

The comprehensive promotion of environmentally friendly packaging, its significance is not only to reduce environmental pollution problems, but also the pass for enterprises to the international market. China's paper honeycomb industry from scratch, more than ten years has developed from a preliminary form to a certain production capacity of the emerging industry. This is due to the guidance and support of the relevant departments of the national ministries and commissions, but also inseparable from the major cellular equipment manufacturers in Qidong Meishun Machinery Co., LTD., for example, have been committed to promoting the pursuit of the cellular industry for many years.

Qidong Meishun Machinery Co., Ltd. has a high degree of automation of cellular equipment, greatly reducing manual labor, and truly realizing fully automatic production, which is a high-tech equipment. And its dust-free, tasteless, pollution-free production characteristics are in line with environmental protection requirements. Now the company's equipment has been put all over the country, and exported to Asia, Europe and other more than a dozen countries, with Haier, Gree, Oakes, Foxconn and other large domestic enterprises supporting the product, and has gradually improved the development and production of post-processing equipment, becomeOne-stop specialized cellular equipment manufacturer.

Meishun Machinery and you meet "2019 China International Corrugated Festival.&China International Color Box Festival”

August 28-30, 2019, "2019 China International Corrugated Festival.&The China International Color Box Festival will be held at the Wuhan International Expo Center. At that time, Qidong Meishun Machinery Co., Ltd. will appear at the scene(Booth No. : B11) , open the "new era of efficient, innovative and energy-saving honeycomb packaging", and display its automatic honeycomb paperboard production line and supporting processing equipment on site, we sincerely invite you to witness! 


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