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Work together to create a better future: Meixun Machinery 2015 Annual Commendation Conference

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2015 is a year of purple qi coming from the east, today is a day of three Yang, we gather in this happy day, let our annual meeting into a happy work, our work into a happy life.

Just after listening to the most talented Ying Dong finished the 14-year review and the 15-year outlook, is there anyone who questions the impossibility of our plans and goals? We tell you that the mission of Mexun is in our hearts, and in 2015, we are still alive and well, and the strength of our struggle is extremely strong. We will find the answer in 2015. Today we can see that the coming together of us gives us clear answers. In the 15 years of entering the cellular industry, the company has not interrupted the process of interaction and discussion, we have followed Mei Xun 15 years of partners, we have 15 years of rain and snow, 15 years of sad Xin intersection, 15 years of mountains, 15 years of rolling rock, in these 15 years, many people are the first time in their lives to go out to work, Join our company and choose this industry because they believe that this enterprise is different, and they believe that this enterprise will not only enrich their own pockets, but also our pockets, but also enrich our lives, and enrich our spirit, because it does not divide us whether we are literate or illiterate, nor whether we are northerners or southerners. This is the common dignity and answer of our Meisun family, we Meisun people to convey this voice to the entire industry, that is, we will never be a lazy, depressed collective, there is no boundary between the company and us, we are a united team of Meisun, always a family, in 14 years, many of us are depressed, one is questioned, It has a certain impact on our own work and achievements, but this result does allow us to stretch out our hands to grasp the history of last year, and summarize our valuable experience on the way forward, and allow us to extend our good hope to tomorrow, 14 years have passed, 15 years is our decisive year, Mexun team has ushered in new challenges and changes.

Family, at the beginning, I said that 15 years was a year of purple gas coming from the east, which is based on evidence. In January, we signed a 520W large order with a client in Northeast China. In January, we signed three orders in Dalian, Sichuan and Qingdao at one stroke. From January 9th to 24th, a total of 15 days. Why so fast, the reason is that the name of the United States news can make customers believe that everyone in this industry is very agreed with, these we rely on 15 years of integrity, business, integrity, also rely on our colleagues should be Dong and marketing, long-term wind, by the United States fast unchanged promise, they have opened up countless strange phone calls in these 15 years, They knocked on the door of countless potential customers, they flattened countless double soles, repeatedly overlapping the culture of the United States Xun, successful cases, the application of technology, they let customers realize that the United States Xun is reliable and practical, with this group of partners struggling on the land of China, to make our production partners busy and comfortable.

When it comes to business, it's not as glamorous as they dress up. Look at their leather shoes. The uppers are shiny and the soles are terrible. The hands are delicate flesh, but the feet are broken in the long bubble, long in the break. This is for getting on the road. In order to let the guests understand that the Mei Xun people are punctual, they do not have a meal a day, but a piece or two of bread.

There are also some lovely people in the after-sales, they put the customer first in the customer, integrity and pragmatism to do the extreme system, in the customer factory they work more hard, more efficient, because they represent our company - Mei Xun. They were separated from their families and their homes to a place where they did not speak the language, lived upside down, did not eat the meals, where heaven should not call the earth did not sing, and where they lacked accessories. Few screws, no tools. The pressure is huge, they want to speak out, but only through wechat and brief phone calls, I did not hear your voice, but I heard your eager mood at that time. Guys, I get you. There, they ate bread for three meals, ate until they wanted to vomit, and insisted on working for 30 days to solve all the installation and debugging problems. It's America, it's Belgium, it's the other side of the world. There you are the integrity and responsibility of Mei Xun. Where you are the spirit of the Chinese nation, brothers, I am proud of you.

At home, there are also a group of brothers who work hard, they are wet and dry in the hot days of 38 degrees, dry and wet again, repeated throughout the day, the clothes are dyed with a layer of white salt, they in order to catch up with the single 3 a.m. in the morning, and normal work. Their fighting spirit is commendable.

They are still smiling after they are injured in the work, they can not put down their unfinished work in the hospital, they are not willing to rest after discharge, they are not willing to lag behind, they can not do heavy work, do light work, do not do light work to do command, light Wei, Lao Huang, Chunfeng, I bow to the brothers on behalf of the general manager's office, you are good, you are really men, Your spirit renders the entire manufacturing department, Mei Xun has such a production team will be successful, invincible, brothers Mei Xun will develop with you, grow with you, all the way.

In order to ensure the normal operation of production, our finance, procurement, research and development, pay our unimaginable sacrifice, my good friend in the article, you have more than 180 days of overtime in 14 years, you have always put continuous innovation in the heart, in 2015 I will"Strive for excellence"Hang it in your office. Financial don't look at a few little beauties, but their hearts are incredibly strong, by its 14 years when our funds are not timely, they have experienced questions, cold eyes, high pressure, inside and outside of all kinds of high pressure, they did not retreat, they lifted up the small body to carry down. Procurement also experienced the same pressure, they are still the most beautiful flowers of our Mexun, I love you, Mexun deeply loves you......

In order to eat meals on time and in order to have a clean and comfortable working environment, our aunt fell ill in the summer high temperature, afraid that our family members were not used to eating the meals cooked by others. She worked with illness, with a high fever of 39.5 degrees and a kitchen temperature of more than 45 degrees, and came back to cook after the injection, afraid of catching a cold, she brought two thick gauze masks. Our aunt Zhang Xingju has the same experience, the first day sick leave, learned that the next day the customer will come, the morning she still go to work to clean and finish before going home for vacation, you can be in the United States fast, is the United States fast blessing!!

Thank you for your parents, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, your children, parents, lovers, are the best. They are the pillar at home. They are also the pillar, the screw, and the guardian of Meisun. Thank you for your understanding and support, especially when Meisun is in trouble, and no salary is issued temporarily. When they spend a little more time on work, with your understanding and support, they will have no worries.

We will try to let them spend more time with you, and we will work hard to adjust constantly. On behalf of the General Manager's office, I would like to thank your parents, husbands, wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, thank you!

At the same time, thank you for the partners who have left Meisun, and you used to leave to give us a wake up, in fact, we understand that the current system of the enterprise is not perfect, and needs to be adjusted and implemented. Although you have left, you are still fighting for the cause of Mei Xun. Please continue to pay attention to Mei Xun, we have been working hard to improve, Mei Xun is your mother's home, please come home often.

In the future, we may still have arguments and questions, but when we disagree, we will calm down, listen to your opinions and consider the plan, and finally make it a common reality. Because we are a family, fighting for the same dream and cause. For Mei Xun, for our common future.

Meisun's achievements today would like to thank our most loyal customers and suppliers in the land of Huaxia China, it is your trust, help and strategic alliance, so that we can flourish and lead the industry, but also thank all over the world to pay attention to Meisun, recognize Meisun, choose Meisun international customers, thank you for your silent wishes and support. Thank you

To our customers and suppliers, we reward you with quality, service and efficiency to build a stable and win-win tomorrow.

At the same time, I respect the care of the park leaders, as long as the relevant support policies are issued, they will remind our enterprises in time, vigorously support, and focus on training. Also for our personnel recruitment, talent introduction, post matching guidance and guidance, such officials are father and mother officials, timely reminders of the safety of the United States fast, the United States fast fire prevention, anti-theft, explosion-proof timely layout, drill at the same time, set up patrol points. Such officers and soldiers are the army.

We are supported and guarded by the wishes of so many people, Mexun must live up to its trust, such a team, such a spirit, such a culture, and its condensed products. There is vitality, there is a soul, Mexun will consolidate the foundation in 2015, harvest hope.

When Meisun's equipment was blooming all over China,

When the equipment is printed in Meixun, Made in China and set sail overseas.

When you enter the country on behalf of China's top cellular technology,

When Meisun's equipment is displayed on the international stage,

It will bring the spirit of the Chinese nation to sing in the world.

At this time, there is always a warm current and emotion, in the stream of your heart and my ripples:

It will shine like fire and bring you light in the dark.

It will be as eternal as the sun and moon, to guide you in solitude;

It will be as wide as the sea, as deep as the earth, give you the power to struggle; Extend the miles of your life!


Mexun Cellular Machinery invited packaging colleagues to participate in the Shanghai International Corrugated Exhibition from July 14 to 17

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