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"Thinner and Lighter"! Meixun Machinery Breaks Through to 4MM Thin Honeycomb Paperboard Production Technology!

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"Thinner and Lighter"! Meixun Machinery Breaks Through to 4MM Thin Honeycomb Paperboard Production Technology!

With the research, development, and extensive application of thin honeycomb paperboard, the honeycomb packaging industry has entered a broader development track. This new type of packaging material, with advantages such as low paper usage, high flat compressive strength, and excellent moisture resistance, demonstrates strong market competitiveness.

4mm honeycomb cardboard Chinese honeycomb paperboard machine小图

It is well known that in the early development stages of the honeycomb packaging industry, there was no distinction between thick and thin honeycomb paperboard. Its primary role was to replace foam packaging and bamboo and wood packaging, used in traditional heavy packaging for white goods, furniture, automobiles, and building walls. However, thanks to Meixun Machinery's relentless efforts, this situation has gradually changed over the past decade.

In 2013, Meixun Machinery, already a leading company in honeycomb machinery, gradually realized the industry's growth bottleneck. They believed that only by revolutionizing traditional production concepts and breaking through existing technical levels to make honeycomb paperboard thinner could users explore more application fields and support the further development of the entire honeycomb packaging industry.

After countless research and tests, Meixun Machinery's first generation of thin honeycomb paperboard production line was officially mass-produced in 2016 and covered the entire country in 2017, gradually becoming the mainstream equipment in the honeycomb packaging industry. Since then, home appliance companies such as Haier, Midea, and Smith, as well as numerous grain, oil, and food enterprises, have started using thin honeycomb paperboard boxes, achieving packaging material optimization and upgrades.


In the following years, Meixun Machinery continued to vigorously promote the core technology breakthroughs of the thin honeycomb production line, achieving remarkable results. In 2018, the second generation of fully automatic thin honeycomb production line was launched, leading the honeycomb packaging industry to a higher development scale. In 2022, the third generation of fully automatic thin honeycomb production line was deployed nationwide, becoming a groundbreaking product in thin honeycomb production equipment.

In terms of width, speed, and level of intelligence, Meixun's third generation of fully automatic thin honeycomb production line showcases unparalleled competitiveness, with technical levels leading globally. Even more commendable, this production line achieved a technological upgrade in 2023, enabling the production of honeycomb paperboard as thin as 4MM, helping users further break through application boundaries and increase acceptance by end consumer brands.

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In the industry trend of lightweight packaging materials, thin honeycomb paperboard undoubtedly meets the huge market demand. From the initial fields of home appliances, electromechanics, furniture, and photovoltaics to agriculture and sideline products, pharmaceuticals, logistics, daily necessities, beverages, vegetables, fruits, cold chain, and many other industries, thin honeycomb paperboard and boxes have gained more recognition, with the industry scale continuously expanding.

There is no road longer than the foot, and no mountain higher than the man. In the vast blue ocean of the honeycomb packaging industry, Meixun Machinery continuously promotes higher quality development in the industry with innovative technology and in-depth services, helping users create greater production value. The company will continue to explore the honeycomb packaging track with users, working together to create a better future!



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