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Explore the infinite possibilities of honeycomb, Meixun Machinery helps you lead the new wave of packaging in the future!

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Honeycomb paperboard, a marvelous creation inspired by nature, is born by mimicking the unique structure of a bee's hive. It integrates the exquisite technology of engineering with the wisdom of ecology, becoming a new type of board with outstanding performance and wide application prospects. The production process of this innovative material is precise and unique. The core layer, mimicking the honeycomb structure, is sandwiched between box board paper and single corrugated paper. The resulting honeycomb paperboard not only possesses toughness and stability but also features lightweight, material-saving, insulation, earthquake resistance, and other characteristics, realizing the concept of green environmental protection and resource conservation.


As an innovative packaging material, honeycomb packaging finds diverse applications in areas such as electronic products, household appliances, toys, gifts, glass products, and more. Its structural characteristics provide excellent cushioning and protection, ensuring products remain undamaged during transportation and storage. Additionally, honeycomb paper boxes are widely used in cold chain logistics, particularly for transporting refrigerated foods and pharmaceuticals, offering excellent thermal insulation to ensure product quality and safety. With attributes like lightness, environmental friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, honeycomb paper boxes are extensively used in product packaging and transportation across various industries, playing a crucial role in protecting products, improving packaging efficiency, and reducing transportation costs.




Compared to corrugated cardboard, honeycomb paperboard has the following advantages:

Lower paper consumption: Compared to 5-layer or 7-layer corrugated cardboard, honeycomb paperboard can save 30%-50% of raw paper, reducing costs.


Higher flat crush strength: Under the same material conditions, the flat crush strength of honeycomb paperboard is more than 20 times that of corrugated cardboard.


Non-directional forming: Unlike corrugated cardboard, honeycomb paperboard has no directional limitations, exhibiting strong bending resistance in any direction.


Excellent moisture resistance: Due to its completely sealed structure, honeycomb paperboard prevents moisture from penetrating, making it far superior in moisture resistance compared to corrugated cardboard. Honeycomb cold chain boxes made from honeycomb board are widely used in fresh product transportation.


Convenient thickness adjustment: The thickness of honeycomb paperboard can be adjusted by changing the honeycomb core, ranging from 5 to 60mm through program control, maintaining a consistent three-layer structure. In contrast, adjusting the thickness of corrugated cardboard requires changing corrugated rolls or adding corrugated layers.


Increased workshop utilization: With its high flat crush strength, honeycomb paperboard allows for stacking over 6 meters in a standard 7m warehouse, while corrugated cardboard can only stack to around 2 meters, resulting in three times the workshop utilization.


Reduced transportation costs: Honeycomb paperboard, with its large flat crush strength, increases the overall transportation volume of paper boxes. Combined with the lightweight nature of honeycomb board, a fully loaded truck of boxes will significantly reduce fuel consumption, especially in air freight logistics, leading to substantial cost reductions. Additionally, the front compressive resistance of honeycomb paperboard is more than 20 times that of ordinary corrugated paper. Leveraging this characteristic, the lining material for packaged items can be reduced in size, reducing costs and increasing the overall transportation volume of the packaged items.

Significant reduction in raw paper inventory: The material efficiency of honeycomb paperboard is 30%-50% higher than that of corrugated cardboard of the same thickness. Considering a monthly inventory, this can lead to a reduction of 350 tons of raw paper inventory per month, thereby decreasing the occupancy of circulating funds. The specifications of corrugated raw paper used in production vary by 5cm, while honeycomb paper core production uses specifications that change by 20cm. The inventory specifications for corrugated raw paper are four times that of honeycomb, reducing the inventory space and the accumulation of funds to a certain extent.


Currently, the annual demand for corrugated cardboard in China exceeds 300 billion, and honeycomb paper box technology can replace approximately 50% of the corrugated market (with a market size of about 150 billion). However, the current actual replacement is less than 1%. Based on the current growth rate of thin honeycomb paper box market, it is estimated that in the next five years, the thin honeycomb paper box market will replace 20% of the corrugated cardboard market, presenting a huge market opportunity!

As one of the earliest companies in China focusing on the research and development of fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paper core production lines and fully automatic high-speed honeycomb composite paperboard production lines, Qidong Mexun Machinery Co., Ltd. has experienced 21 years of continuous growth. Throughout this process, the company has consistently aimed at propelling the development of the honeycomb industry, aspiring to be a world-class manufacturer, adhering to innovation, and providing dedicated services. The company's products continue to evolve towards high quality, intelligence, and efficiency.


Mexun Machinery is not only committed to the domestic market but actively expands onto the international stage. Currently, Mexun honeycomb equipment covers the entire country and is exported to over twenty countries, including the United States, France, Mexico, Poland, India, and more, receiving recognition and support from numerous well-known domestic and international enterprises. This demonstrates Mexun Machinery's outstanding strength and excellent quality in the field of honeycomb paperboard equipment, acknowledged by the international market.


The company's success is attributed to continuous investment in technological innovation and strict quality control. Mexun Machinery not only boasts a high-quality research and development team but also adopts advanced production technology and rigorous quality control standards in the manufacturing process. The company has been honored with numerous national utility model patents and invention patents, fully reflecting its outstanding contributions and leading position in technological innovation.

In the future, Mexun Machinery will continue to uphold the philosophy of "leading in technology, quality-oriented," increase research and development investment, enhance product quality, and provide more intelligent, efficient, and green honeycomb equipment to global customers. Mexun Machinery aims to make a greater contribution to the sustainable development of the honeycomb industry.


"Thinner and Lighter"! Meixun Machinery Breaks Through to 4MM Thin Honeycomb Paperboard Production Technology!

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