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Expansion of the Honeycomb Paper Box Application Field, Mexun Machinery Presses the "Accelerator" for the Development of the Honeycomb Paper Box Industry

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In recent years, due to the increasing emphasis on lightweight packaging materials both domestically and internationally, coupled with the advocacy of China's environmental policies, the honeycomb paper packaging industry has experienced vigorous growth. Characterized by lightweight, high strength, and environmental friendliness, it has profoundly influenced major white goods manufacturers such as Midea, Haier, Hisense, TCL, prompting them to consider thin honeycomb paper boxes as the preferred material for product packaging. This rising trend not only aligns with environmental policy requirements but also fosters more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions across various industries.

As a renowned machinery enterprise with over 20 years of expertise in the honeycomb packaging industry, Mexun Machinery has long been dedicated to the research and development of honeycomb packaging machinery, achieving significant milestones in expanding the application areas of honeycomb products.

Tongling Xingrui Procures Mexun Machinery Honeycomb Paper Box Production Equipment


Further Expansion of the Application Field for Honeycomb Paper Boxes

Recently, Tongling Xingrui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. purchased a Mexun Machinery HX3000-1100G fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paper core production line and an HF2400-100G fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paperboard composite production line. It is reported that, in addition to existing factories in Hefei and Tongling, the company has established two new factories in Foshan and Wuhan this year, namely Foshan Ma Honeycomb New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., and Hubei Ma Honeycomb New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the production of honeycomb paperboard to meet the growing market demand for honeycomb paper boxes. Additionally, the company has successfully attracted state and city investments, with an expected annual output value of eight billion. It is worth noting that the company has repeatedly purchased complete sets of honeycomb production lines from Mexun Machinery, and this choice reaffirms their trust and recognition of Mexun Machinery's technology.

Compared to other paper packaging materials, honeycomb paper boxes have stronger flat crush strength and cushioning performance, thereby reducing the breakage rate of fragile items during transportation. Moreover, honeycomb paper boxes exhibit outstanding performance advantages. In comparison to traditional corrugated boxes, honeycomb paper boxes save 30% in material, have higher flat crush strength (exceeding corrugated cardboard by 20 times), better moisture resistance, non-directional molding, and more convenient thickness adjustment. Therefore, they are considered excellent supplements and substitutes for traditional corrugated boxes.




Not only that, the outstanding performance of honeycomb paper boxes not only helps address issues in traditional cardboard transportation, increases workshop utilization, but also significantly reduces the inventory of raw paper, further assisting companies in reducing fixed costs and contributing to the creation of higher economic value.

Facilitating Enterprises to Explore New Profit Directions

Comprehensive Advancement of Honeycomb Paper Box Expansion

The packaging of honeycomb paper boxes has undergone development from non-existent to substantial over the past two decades. This achievement is attributed to the guidance and support of government departments, the excellent physical properties of honeycomb paper boxes, and the tremendous efforts of numerous upstream and downstream enterprises in the honeycomb paper box industry, with Mexun Machinery being a representative.




As one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of fully automatic honeycomb paperboard continuous production lines, Mexun Machinery has been committed to the research and development of intelligent, high-quality, and efficient honeycomb paperboard production equipment. Simultaneously, the company has been promoting honeycomb paperboard and box products, continuously expanding the application scope of honeycomb paper boxes. Over the years, Mexun Machinery has adhered to the "excellence" manufacturing philosophy, shouldering the mission of propelling the honeycomb industry forward. The fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paper core production line and fully automatic high-speed honeycomb paperboard composite production line developed and manufactured by the company have been successfully deployed nationwide and exported to more than twenty countries, showcasing the charm of Chinese manufacturing.

In the future, Mexun Machinery looks forward to collaborating with more packaging enterprises, jointly opening up new development opportunities, creating new profit points, achieving differentiated competition, and fully promoting the development of the entire honeycomb paper box industry.


Explore the infinite possibilities of honeycomb, Meixun Machinery helps you lead the new wave of packaging in the future!

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