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Other applications of honeycomb board

Honeycomb tray


Honeycomb paper tray is made of honeycomb cardboard cut into panels and foot posts, and then paper corner sealing and bonding. The most important role of this product is to replace the wooden tray carrying one-time export commodities.

Compared with the wooden pallet, the honeycomb cardboard tray is light in weight and has higher strength. It can be made into ordinary flat tray and single-sided tray, and can also be made into column tray structure.

The second generation of paper tray, in addition to cardboard paper corner protection to seal the edge, improve the first generation of products easy to damage the corner trouble, and do waterproof treatment. The paper tray itself can be customized according to customer requirements.

The test results show that the temperature is 50 degrees Celsius, the humidity is 90%, the load can reach 2000 kg, after nine months of load test, the average deformation of the same degree is only 1mm. Its paper tray products are light weight, environmental protection and beautiful, no fumigation, no disinfection, 100% recycling in use, in line with ISO14000 international certification standards. It is the state that promotes the use of products.

Honeycomb furniture


Honeycomb structural panels have many superior properties: From the mechanical point of view, compared with other structures, the closed hexagonal equilateral honeycomb structure can obtain the maximum force with the least amount of material, and when the honeycomb structure plate is subjected to the load perpendicular to the plate surface, its bending stiffness is almost the same as that of the solid plate with the same material and thickness, or even higher, but its weight is 70-90% lighter, and it is not easy to deform, crack and fracture. And has the advantages of shock absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation and strong weather resistance. The appearance of the honeycomb composite plate after processing is the same as that of the commonly used plate, and the quality is not only not reduced, in many cases, but improved, such as bending strength, resistance to temperature change. Because of the special hexagonal structure of the honeycomb core, it can save a lot of materials and improve the characteristics of the plate, so that the honeycomb composite board has been widely used.

In the civil field, honeycomb structural materials are generally made of 100% recycled paper, can be made into a variety of lightweight panels used to replace solid wood panels, in the furniture manufacturing industry, 1000 kilograms of paper honeycomb material can replace 30-50 cubic meters of solid wood panels, obviously, honeycomb material is a material, energy consumption is small light materials, Can save a lot of natural resources like wood.

Paper honeycomb structural panels are becoming the main alternative to solid wood panels, which can save the country about 1 million cubic meters of wood per year, equivalent to protecting 15,000 hectares of forest resources per year. It not only saves a lot of wood resources for the country, but also can purify air pollution, thus protecting our deteriorating natural environment and ecology.

Honeycomb lining


Honeycomb lining is a paper lining formed by die-cutting, stamping or laser cutting,and bonding of honeycomb paperboard.

Honeycomb board is a composite environmental protection board, with light weight, high strength, good flatness, large surface, good environmental protection, reusable, excellent thermal expansion and contraction resistance and other advantages.

  1. 1. Small material consumption, high strength and stiffness, light weight, large volume, bearing significant.
  2. 2. Excellent cushioning, close to EPS, does not pollute the environment, can completely replace EPS.
  3. 3. Good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance.
  4. 4. Strength and stiffness are easy to adjust.
  5. 5. It is easy to carry out special process treatment and obtain unique properties (moisture-proof and water-repellent, fire-retardant, mildew proof, curing enhancement, in addition, it is easy to cut, open holes, composite, etc.).
  6. 6. Good stability.
  7. 7. Low cost.
  8. 8. Export without fumigation, can be exempted from inspection.
  9. 9. Environmentally friendly products.

Honeycomb art exhibit


The honeycomb advertising board is mainly made of honeycomb board, and its two sides are respectively firmly bonded to a layer of thick multi-wall structure honeycomb core material made of board. Due to its special structure, it is used in the manufacturing of advertising boards and display shelves, which can improve the compressive strength, is not easy to deform, can reduce the production cost, and is easy to shape various shapes. Honeycomb panel aperture is generally divided into 4mm, 6mm, 8mm size.


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