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Origin of thin honeycomb:

In the previous impression, when it comes to honeycomb cardboard, it is a traditional thick honeycomb, which needs to rely on the day to eat, the labor cost is high, and a large space is needed for drying; And in recent years, the cellular road has come down, and it is found that it is not so prominent in various application fields, and not only the traditional cellular equipment has many drawbacks, but also limited the field of honeycomb cardboard. However, Mr. Ying Shufeng, chairman of Meisun Machinery, presciently pointed out: "The future development of honeycomb cardboard has unlimited imagination!" This thin honeycomb cardboard, carton application officially kicked off.

Current situation of thin honeycomb:

Honeycomb material as an outer packaging can be widely used in: food industry, mechanical and electrical industry, bathroom industry, furniture industry, daily necessities industry, household appliances, mechanical equipment packaging, etc., has been availableThree Squirrels, Qiqiah, Shuanghui, Hualian Machinery, TOTO,Chimaki,Panpan door industry, Zhibang furniture, Fuguang water cup, Midea, Haier, Hisense, TCL, Meiling, Smith, Jeda sewing machine, etc., have been used in batch.Honeycomb carton has heavy bearing, less material, light weight and high protection performance, it is the most ideal material to replace corrugated carton, and it is also the most environmentally friendly material to replace wooden box.

The future of Thin Honeycomb:

After more than 20 years of continuous research and development innovation, product iteration, today we successfully launched the third generation of thin honeycomb paperboard production line, not only to the packaging industry users, create new blue ocean, new opportunities, but also help China's carbon peak, carbon neutral goal of early realization, contribute a force!

The spring of the cellular industry has arrived, and I invite my colleagues in the packaging industry to work together to promote the application of honeycomb cartons and create greater economic value for end users!

Eight advantages of thin honeycomb compared with corrugated:




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